TORSTRUM, is named in honor of close friend and incredible human, Tor Strom. The beginnings of the band grew from the creative seeds of guitarist Jim Davis. He approached longtime friend and drummer, Herman Hundle to help form a sound. A collaboration over months of late night jams over drinks and smokes developed into 10 songs with a future.

They enlisted Sarah Novicki on lead vocal. With a background in music, films and martial arts, Sarah is the powerhouse behind TORSTRUM. Enter the missing link, the token legend Nick Venditti on bass and backing vocals.

Today, Torstrum stands on the verge of a debut cd, 3 video releases and an upcoming 2018 -2019 pub tour across Europe & Australia. The music is described has intelligent, emotional and dynamic. The sound is based on the early days of rock , alternative and punk. TORSTRUM is an act that thrives on its live performance. The band is at its best in front of people.


Brought up in the early music of Zeppelin, Sabbath, Doors, AC/DC and into the days of Nirvana, Walt Mink, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, Jim quickly chose the guitar as his instrument of choice. Long nights of toxic level jamming took him to his level of musicianship today. The riffs that erupt from Jim's guitar are the basis of the Torstrum sound.


Herman comes from a punk rock background in the early days of Hardcore. He is influenced by a diverse set of artists that includes Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, the Sex Pistols, Alice In Chains and Mother Love Bone, among others. Skating, his kids and his music are all that Herman cares about - plus maybe an occasional beer or two!


Sarah was a gift from the blue to Torstrum. We were introduced by a mutual friend through a chance encounter in a local brew pub. After talking music for a short while, we walked directly into a brief improvised jam session. Within minutes we said, "We must have you, Sarah!". Today Sarah is the heart of Torstrum.


Nick is the legend that every band needs. Not only is he an all-round good guy, but also a philosopher and historian. That's right, both talent and brains, ladies... Nick's favorite music includes Husker Du, Danzig, Motorhead among others. Torstrum employs Nick on bass, but he is also an accomplished guitarist, singer/songwriter, and model aircraft builder!